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Samos bus

  • By bus

Samos’s bus system has an extensive network of routes covering most places in Samos and is the most economical way to get around, as well as being one of the most scenic.

Most buses in Samos have air-conditioning for a welcome comfort travel in the island.

Tel. : +30 6942668877,  +30 2273027262,  +30 2273027270
e-mail : ktelsamos@gmail.com
Facebook :  Samos buses
Website : www.ktelsamou.gr


Samos taxi

  • By TAXI

Taxis are comfortable and especially handy if you want to go to places not accessible by the bus.
Cabs here are metered, but there may be surcharges depending on when and  where you board. To get a rough idea of the final fare, check with the driver on the surcharges and ask for a receipt at the end of the trip.
 You can hail a taxi by the roadside at most places, or by queuing for one at taxi stands found at towns or most tourist areas or call to book a cab.

TAXI stations

Samos TAXI station     22730 28404
Karlovasi TAXI station 22730 30777
Pythagoreion TAXI       22730 61225
Kampos Mar/mpou       22730 37600
Kokkari TAXI station     22730 92585
Mitilinii TAXI station     22730 51400


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