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An idea in a moment gave the spark to the flame, and so we started.

During the year 1998, when the Internet users was just 3.6% of the world population, and the connection was via dial up, when google was in beta mode, when there was a sense that everything would be changing, we had the idea to seize that “new tool !”.

The idea (and need) was to write something about our favorite island of Samos, in the network, where till then there was nothing relevant, even in Wikipedia, and so we started.

Search in our libraries any relevant with Samos, we bought our first digital camera (4 mp !), we see our self as a traveller and “we got” the roads, the villages, the mountains, the beaches, in every corner of the island and we heard hundreds of stories, and so we made our first database, which we continuously enrich.

After the first version of website, there were 3 more, and today is available a very modern website, adapted to modern devices, and extremely user-friendly.

The website is not for profit, but for free information. The costs of, are covered with our own funds and with some google ads (we apologize for it), so we can keep it alive.

Partners :
Kiloukiotis E. Ioannis 
photos, photo editing, translation, text editing, collection of information, documents, webmaster.
Koulas E. Ioannis
translation and text editing,
Kiloukiotis G. Evaggelos collection of information and documents

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