Samos consists of 2 towns and 34 villages, which make up the municipality of Samos. The municipality is divided in four sections, Vathi with 9 communities (villages), Karlovasi with 10 communities (villages), Pythagorean with 11 communities (villages) and Marathokampou with 5 communities (villages).

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Neochori village or Nichori or Nichoraki as the Samians call it, is one of the smallest villages of Samos. It’s built in rugged and steep terrain and has beautiful view to the west and south, to the gulf of Marathokambos and to the islands of…

Has picturesque houses with remarkable architecture and a large square with plane and mulberry trees for shade and relaxation in the summer. Walking up to the west of the village, you will meet the public washhouse and you get a nice picture of the…

The village was built early of 17th century and the name comes (in Greek, Palaio-kastro=old castle) from a small castle (Byzantine period), which was probably built during the 7th-8th a.c.

Located at the center of the island, and at the south-west foothills of “Ambelos” (or Karvounis) mountain. It is the highest village on the island, with beautiful view over the southwest foothills of the mountain “Ambelos” …

The village has charming architecture, with many picturesque stone-floored houses, with “sachnisi” (closed balcony with light materials) and external stairs, festooned with flowers, unfortunately many of them abandoned.

locate at the southerly of the island, and at southwest foothills of “Ambelos” (or Karvounis) mountain, just 14 km from Marathokampo village, 18 Km from Karlovasi, 27 Km from Pythagorio and 41 Km from Samos town. Administratively belongs to the &…

In altitude 580m, it’s of the highest village on the island, excellent view where you can see from west to south at Dodecanese, Fourni and Icaria islands, Kerkis Mountain and all the coastline of Marathokanpos.

Smallest but not least

It’s one of the smallest villages in the island, with plenty of water, surrounded with lush vegetation, vineyards and orchards and has excellent view to the north.