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  • Currency

The Greece as eurozone member since 01/01/2001, uses the euro as currency

To exchange your currencies with euro, you can do it at all the banks that you will find in the town of Samos in Karlovassi and in Pythagoreion.

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  • Clima

The climate of Samos is mild and humid at winter and hot and dry at the summer.

The warmest, dry and the rainless months of the year are July and August, while the coldest, with high humidity and high rainfall are January, February and December. The most mild months are May and September.

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languages at Samos

  • Language

The official language spoken in Samos island is Greek.

You will be able to speak English to Samians, most of whom are fluent in it. Many Samians also speak an additional languages, usually French, or German, or Italian and less other languages.


Health in Samos

  • Health

Samos has a General Hospital at the town of Samos (G.H.S Agios Panteleimonas) and a health center at the town of Karlovasi.

It also features peripheral medical offices, in many villages of the island, and private medical offices almost all specializations.

Pharmacies there are many at the island and especially at the towns of Samos, Karlovasi,  Pythagoreion, and at the villages of Marathokampos, Kokkari, Mitilinii, Chora and Pagondas.

Health Emergency Telephones
Samos First aid +30 22730 22222
Karlovasi First aid +30 22730 32222
Samos Hospital +30 22730 83100
Karlovasi Health center +30 22730 52000

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security at samos

  • Security

Samos island is of the safest areas.

According to statistics has one of the lowest crime rates of all Greece, which has the lowest crime rate of all the EU countries.

The robbery incidents or violence are rare on the island, and when occur, ordinary identifying immediate.

Security Emergency Telephones
Police fast call 100
Fire Department fast call 199
 European Emergency Number 112
Police of Samos +30 22730 22100
Tourist Police +30 22730 87344
Fire Department +30 22730 22199
Coast Guard +30 22730 27318

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Samos Taxes

  • Taxes

All services and products that sold in Samos are subject to VAT, and some of them at municipal taxes

In all shops, hotels, car rentals, restaurants, the retail prices of products or services include VAT and municipal taxes.

The VAT rate is 4% for medicines, doctors, books, newspapers, magazines, theaters, 9% for hotels, meats, fish, vegetables, plants, water, electricity, 17% for restaurants, cafe, car rentals and all the rest, and 24% for tobacco products and vehicles.

The  municipal taxes rates is 0.5% for hotels and restaurants, cafe, bar and 5% for night clubs.

All businesses, by selling products or services, are required issue receipts from cash register or by the computer (some hotels, can issue handwritten receipts).


drinking water at Samos

  • Safe Drinking Water

You can drink water straight from the water network tap in all towns and villages, since the water comes from controlled collection basins, analyzed, filter it and proceeds to water network. The entire process is accordance with the health organization standards.

You can also buy bottled water easily, cost about 2 – 3 € (6 bottles Χ1,5 lt).

Avoid drinking water from rivers and from sources in the countryside that you does not know, mainly at low altitude.

power plug in Samos

  • Power Plug

The standard electric current that used in Samos is Voltage 230 V and Frequency 50 Hz.  If you need a voltage converter (step up from 110 V to 220-240 V) check it here at amazon, or here at ebay.

The power sockets that used are of type F (click for info), C (click for info), and less H (click for info).  If you need a power socket adaptor, check it here at amazon, or here at ebay.

No Smoking areas in Samos

  • No Smoking Areas

According to the existing law, no smoking, in all public and private enclosed areas, such as restaurants, public buildings, cafes, bars, airports stations, ports stations etc.  Smoking allowed when the area is open.

Also no smoking in public or private buses, in taxis and private cars, when traveling with minors under 12 years.

According to their policy, some hotels they have smoking and non-smoking rooms, some others is non-smoking at all, that’s why, when you interesting about it’s better to ask before your reservation.


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