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Live with Rena Morfi – Souli Anatoli & Locomondo

On the day of the concert, July 31st, there will be an extra bus service to Ireon in the following hours:
from Samos town 19:45
from Karlovasi 19:00
from Pythagorio 20:10
from Kokkari 19:30

  • Rena Morfi – Souli Anatoli
    was born and raised in Volos. He graduated from the History and Archaeological Department of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Since then he lives in Athens.
    Since her school years she has been next to remarkable artists such as Vaso Zagori, Claudia Delmer, Fofi Rousou, Elli Paspala and Natasa Flouris.
    At the beginning of her career she was at the side of Fivos Delivorias, with whom she has worked until today.
    Since December 2010 she has been the band’s singer Imam Baildi, with whom she has participated in major international festivals such as Lowlands – The Netherlands (2012), South by Southwest Festival – America (2013), International Jazz Festival – Montreal (2014) ) and Sziget – Hungary (2012, 2015), while they have performed 6 European tours in Cyprus, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Scotland, Norway, Bahrain, USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, China, Skopje, Turkey and great concerts in A month and the rest of Greece.
    In 2016 she released her first personal album titled ” Souli Anatoli”. Souli Anatoli is a fanciful, dialectical folk tale and besides it is the artistic nickname that her grandmother used when she was a singer in Volos in the 1950s. The song that singled out from her album and made her widely known is “When I dance to you”.
    At the same time, she makes song compilations in Disney and Mattel movies. In addition, she gave her voice to a doll, Barbie Rock Star. In 2018 he participated in the Greek TV series “To soi sou”.
  • Locomondo
    is one of the most known and successful bands in Greece.
    The 7-member band fronted by Markos Koumaris, the main songwriter and composer of the group, fuses Reggae, Ska and Caribbean sounds with Greek traditional musical elements.
    The members of the group are: Markos Koumaris (vocals, guitar), Yiannis Varnavas (vocals guitar), Spyros Mpesdekis (bass), Stamatis Goulas (keybords), Stratos Angelos Soundris (drums), Mike Mourtzis (percussion), Thanassis “Spogos” Tampakis (Sound Engineer).
    They have released 8 albums, including Locomondo Live!, which turned gold in December 2011. Two of their video clips have received the “Best Alternative Video Clip” award from Mad-TV Greece (in 2007 and 2010).
  • Rena Morfi & Locomondo (video clip)

  • Rena Morfi (video clip)

  • Locomondo (video clip)


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  • Ireon Music Festival
    Since 2003 they have been organising and celebrating Ireon Music Festival. The recipe for success is a combination of volunteering, our love for good music and our love for the island that they live on. An amazing festival full of music is about to come and Ireon village is ready to receive and welcome its guests.
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