Start: 08/10/2017
End: 08/10/2017

Event Venue

Spatharei village Stadium

GPS: 37.676806627399, 26.805741749704

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The Paintball Club of Samos “Nemesis” invites you on Saturday 7/10 at 14:00 and on Sunday 8/10 at 12:00 at Spatharei village Stadium for the 1st Pansamian Paintball Championship.

About the game

  • Group games, with teams of 5 people, and 4 referees in the field.
  • Equal equipment for all participants, for the fair conduct of the game.
  • Organized five-acre field of play, with the ability to watch matches by viewers.
  • The cost of participation for each team of 5 people is 50 € and includes full equipment and 2000 balls for the 2 days of the games.

Registration and payment for participation until 30 September


  • Event organizer

Paintball Club of Samos “Nemesis”

Fees & Tickets
General admission (unknown)
we work it, to find out
1.00 €