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Pythagoras Square Samos town

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The Municipal Organization for Education, Culture, Youth and Sports of Samos DOPPONAS and the Municipality of Samos, organize the first cycling race “Samos Cycling Race 2018”.

The race will take place on Sunday, October 21, at 8:30, with a start and finish point at Pythagoras Square Samos town, after 80 km distance.

Everyone is eligible to participate at the race, aged 19 and over, also must have entered the online form by 17/10/2018 at 15:00 and sign the Responsible Declaration of the race, wich they will have to deliver at the start of the race.

Participation at the race is free of charge

The race is grouped into five categories according to age and gender,

1st class 19 – 29 years old
2nd category 30 – 39 years old
3rd category 40 – 49 years old
4th category 50 years and over
women’s category

Race Details

Starting point: Pythagoras Square at Samos town
Termination: Pythagoras Square at Samos town
Technical check-in time: 7:30 at the start-up area
Start time: 8:30
Route distance: 80 km
Route: Pythagoras Square> Pythagorio> Chora> Koumaraadai> Pyrgos> Koutsi> Agii Theodori> Karlovasi> Agios Konstantinos> Pythagoras Square.
Supply / Control points: Refueling will take place in Pyrgos village (30 km) and Agios Konstantinos village (60 km). There will be water, cereal bars and bananas.


  • The race will be conducted according to E.O.P for street biking.
  • All participants are required to carry street bikes (race type).
  • Any additional equipment unsuitable for road cycling and race conditions, such as airbags, use of mobile phones during the course of the race, is expressly prohibited. Special additional equipment can only be used in case of rain and if they undergo a technical check.
  • Proposed cycling clothing (especially cycling shoes, cycling uniforms etc) is considered necessary but not mandatory.
  • Helmet use is mandatory, as in official training (eg warm-up or route identification or any event before and after the race).
  • All participants are required to move on the road according to the traffic rules.
  • The violation of the double boundary line on the roadway is directly punishable by a foreclosure penalty.
  • The bicycle badge is mandatory. It will be given before starting and must be placed in a clear position on the bike.
  • In order to provide technical support, an accompanying car will be allowed when the license plate is stated before the start and which athletes it will support. If undeclared cars are found on the route, they will be recorded and the athlete will be excluded.
  • Rejection of a participant from the technical inspection due to serious deficiencies or irregularities is automatically considered a foreclosure penalty as if he had participated in the match.
  • By participating in the race you give your consent to receive medical and pharmaceutical treatment in the event of injury, accident or illness during the race.
  • The cleanliness of the areas we cross and host is responsibility of all of us. Keep the spaces clean. Pollution of areas may even result in a foreclosure penalty.


  • The prizes will take place at 12:30 pm. about the same day, at Pythagoras Square at Samos town
  • The first of each categorie will take a commemorative cup.
  • The official sponsor will make a surprise gift to the first in each category, to the first general and to the last athlete of the race.
  • All participants who will finish will receive a commemorative medal with the European Mobility Week logo.
  • Event organizer

Municipality of Samos
with the support of the Police and port police

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