Event Venue

Pythagoras Square Samos town

GPS: 37.7559575, 26.9763882

  • Event description

Samos Cycling Club, organize the first cycling race “2nd Samos Cycling Race 2020”.

The race will take place on Sunday, Septeber 8, at 9:00, with a start and finish point at Pythagoras Square Samos town, after 104 km distance.

Everyone is eligible to participate at the race, aged 19 and over, also must have entered the online form by 05/11/2020  and sign the Responsible Declaration of the race, wich they will have to deliver at the start of the race.

Participation at the race is 10 €

The race is grouped into five categories according to age and gender,

1st class 19 – 30 years old
2nd category 31 – 40 years old
3rd category 41 – 50 years old
4th category 51 years and over
women’s category

Race Details

Starting point: Pythagoras Square at Samos town
Termination: Pythagoras Square at Samos town
Technical check-in time: 8:00 at the start-up area
Start time: 9:00
Route distance: 104 km


  • All participants are required to carry street bikes (race type).
  • Any additional equipment unsuitable for road cycling and race conditions, such as airbags, use of mobile phones during the course of the race, is expressly prohibited. Special additional equipment can only be used in case of rain and if they undergo a technical check.
  • Proposed cycling clothing (especially cycling shoes, cycling uniforms etc) is considered necessary but not mandatory.
  • Helmet use is mandatory, as in official training (eg warm-up or route identification or any event before and after the race).
  • All participants are required to move on the road according to the traffic rules.
  • Rejection of a participant from the technical inspection due to serious deficiencies or irregularities is automatically considered a foreclosure penalty as if he had participated in the match.
  • Event organizer

Samos Cycling Club

Fees & Tickets
Amount of participation
10.00 €