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Mavrogenios school Malagari Samos

GPS: 37.75020017654213, 26.96085848819314

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For the seventh consecutive year, the Cinema Club of Samos organizes the Summer Island Movie Festival.

The first day (15/07/2018, 21:00) of the Festival will not start with a movie. Friends of Cinema Club of Samos will watch “Uranography” having the opportunity to learn names and positions of the constellations at the sky.

“Uranography” will be a unique lab that will “force you” to lift your head up. The constellations, the planets, the celestial bodies and their movements, their placement on the horizon, and so many others that we admire.

Five days later, on 20/7/2018, the screenings of films with parallel events, which will run from 20/7 to 23/7/2018.

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