Event Venue

at Samos the Regional Unity Amphitheater,

GPS: 37.75355155840585, 26.981621072267217

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The Association of Music, Cultural and Creation, “Idryli” and the Philharmonic Orchestra “Vathyllos – Antonis Gerochristodoulou”, co-organize two Christmas concert on Monday 16 December in Samos, at the Regional Unity Amphitheater, starting at 20.00.

The Mixed Choir of “Idryli” Association will perform carol, international songs and Christmas narratives under the direction of George Koumaradiou. It will also feature the entire Philharmonic Orchestra “Vathyllos” under the direction of Dimitris Prapa and the literary group “Idryli”, with pianist Marianthi Thalassinou

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Mixed Choir of “Idryli” Association
Philharmonic Orchestra “Vathyllos”
literary group “Idryli”
with pianist Marianthi Thalassinou

Fees & Tickets
General admission
6.00 €
Admission for "Idryli" card holders
3.00 €
Admission for high school and university students