Event Venue

at restaurant "Marcos" in Karlovasi

GPS: 37.79626819359847, 26.692581200727773

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The Parents and Guardians Association of the 1st Primary School of Karlovasi (Porphyria) organizes a Christmas dance with live music on Saturday, December 22 at 21:00 at restaurant “Marcos” in Karlovasi.

The dance will include live music, a lottery with rich gifts.

Entrance for adults 15 € (with food) and for kids10 €.

Contact telephones: 2273035660, 6944345414, 6946389989.

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  • by the Parents and Guardians Association of  the1st Primary School of Karlovasi
Fees & Tickets
Table d’ hôte
with food
15.00 €
with food
10.00 €