Start: 11/08/2020
End: 11/08/2020

Event Venue

courtyard of the 1st & 2nd High School of Samos

GPS: 37.752200290605465, 26.978566894847702

  • Event description

Samos Dance Club – HOROS organizes the concert of Eleonora Zouganeli, on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, at 21:30 in the courtyard of the 1st & 2nd High School of Samos, under the auspices of the East Samos Municipality and with the support of the Greek Rescue Team – Samos Branch and Ink House, Dynamic Promotion.

The concert will observe all safety measures and health protocols of EODY, so places will be limited. For the best service of the public, it will be good for those interested to purchase their tickets earlier from the members of the Samos Dance Club – HOR.OS as well as at the following pre-sale points.

In the city of Samos: Hondos Center, Giannoulopoulos Press and Snack, Blow up Photo Studio, Grammatiki Bookstore
In Pythagorion: Storia Dolce Ice Cream Shop
In Karlovasi: Hondos Center, Karastathis Bookstore
In Kampos of Marathokampos: Beach Bar Tortuga

More information: Fountoulakos Tasos 6941676762, Evangelou Makis 6945448797

  • About Eleonora Zouganeli

Zouganeli was born in 1983 in Athens and is the daughter of Giannis Zouganelis and Isidora Sideris. From a very young age she participated as an actress in children’s theatrical performances, but also as a singer in children’s songs.

In 2004 she took her first professional step in the field of song with her participation in the Second Listening of Young Performers.
In July 2011 he participated in the Closing Ceremony of the 13th Special Olympics Games at the Kallimarmaro Panathinaiko Stadium.
Her record labels include 7 albums and 4 singles
She is considered one of the best Greek singers, with great acceptance by the Greek public.

  • Event Organizer

Greek Ministry of Culture

Fees & Tickets
General admission
15.00 €
Pre-sale ticket
13.00 €