Start: 27/08/2020
End: 27/08/2020

Event Venue

Ancient Theater of Pythagorion,

GPS: 37.695020971980895, 26.935118615618723

  • Event description

As part of the “All Greece one culture” program, the Greek Ministry of Culture is organizing a cultural two-day event with the Encardia ensemble, on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 August 2020, at 20:30, at the Ancient Theater of Pythagorion,

The Greek Ministry of Culture plans, from July 18 to September 30, organizes 55 productions, 251 presentations, with 11 artistic organizations, in 111 archeological sites and in 38 regional units all around Greece, which include concerts, theatrical events, dance and art installations.

Spectators will not pay a ticket for the performances but only for their entrance to the archeological sites and museums.

As the minister said: “The recital is dedicated to those who worked effectively to tackle the coronation so that Greece has a huge comparative advantage: To be considered one of the safest countries and safest destinations in the world.”

  • About Encardia

Encardia is a Greek band that inspires, creates and presents music and songs through the rich musical tradition of Lower Italy and the wider Mediterranean region.

Founded in 2004 and so far, they have performed more than 2000 live shows throughout Greece, Italy, South France, Germany, Algeria, Switzerland and Cyprus. They have released five discs that have earned the best criticism, and have singled out their unique relationship with the audience when on stage.

  • Event Organizer

Greek Ministry of Culture

Fees & Tickets
General admission
ticket the entrance to the archeological site