Start: 02/08/2019
End: 02/08/2019

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Municipal Art Gallery of Samos

GPS: 37.757862471848, 26.974383025019

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4th Annual Photo Exhibition, by the members of Samos Photography group FOT.O.S, themed “IMAGES AND WORDS”. The exhibition will take place at Municipal Art Gallery of Samos at 26/07/2018 till 02/08/2019 time 20:00 to 23:00.

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A writer using the code of writing impresses in his thoughts. But once it is created, the book is not just that. Knowledge diffuses and becomes universally common, developing common criteria of thought, aesthetics, emotions. It actually creates a tool that affects social trends and directions, gives power and authority, supports vanguards.
In the depiction of art, and especially in the visual arts and of course in photography, the book reflects all of its symbolism.
It will emphasize the romance of a landscape, or the emotional state of a person, only by simply being present within the frame of imaging. It will highlight the laxity of the moment and escape from the cruelty of reality. The open book will symbolize knowledge, doctrine, but also spiritual guidance and command. The elevated book will show the faith and devotion of those who raise it. The many parallel books of a library will exaggerate our tendency for class, resemblance, discipline and balance. The book will be placed next to those animals that symbolize something of its spirituality or content, and certainly next to what we see as closer to us, more sympathetic and more appropriate to communicate. Still life will be emphasized by the external decoration of the book, or it will remind of the time movement of time in contrast to the stability of values ​​and morality with the unchanging old age of the book. While the unconventional use of books in a photograph will invulbidly subvert to our stereotypes for class, giving the element of disorder the prime symbol of spiritual peace and mental discipline.

The photo on the book encourages a new form of reading, not the content of the book, but its symbolism. The light depicted on the photo paper will become rays that will penetrate our aesthetics and at the same time adjust the contrast of our thinking, transforming the sacredness with which we were facing the book into a play of colorful, bright and dark dots.

The exhibition of the Samos Photographic Group (FOTOS), having as its subject the book, the text and the words, reflects our relationship, the one we live here on this little island, the book, the spirituality and wisdom, usability and aesthetics of knowledge. Taking a picture of a book does not differ much from having read it and trying to tell its basic idea.
We become wiser by incorporating a book in our photo, we are aesthetically pleased with those who are visiting this year’s summer exhibition.

Text: Manolis Pyrgiotis, Director DKI Library of Samos

Apostolatos Achilles Vakalis Manos Kingdom Elias course Kostas Gerogli Peace Demertzis Stelios, Drapaniotis Sophianos, hat Peace, Karathanasi Peace, Carpathian Alexander, Coconut Freedom, Coconut Stamatia, Cassius Mary Kolokotronis Constantine, Cyrus granules, Konstantakis Eleanna, Leontidis Evangelos , Motto Manolis, Neophytou Anna, Pantelis Konstantinos, Patronis Ioannis, Neofotistos Manolis, Sarantidis Tasos, Tzouramanis Giorgos, Tryfonas Chios Vasiliki, Tsakoumaki Iliana, Tsoulos Nikos, Tsumaki Sofia, Tsumakis Nikos, Ferenti Nos of Saint.

Angelika Lilso, Mimika Karlovasiti, Angeliki Veloni, Aggelos Harmas, Maria Harma, Erieta Drinis, Ressina Pasai, Angelos Kambourakis, Evdokia Kosti, Despina Papakonstantani, Vicky Bilba, Parikia Lykuropoulou.

This year exhibition with 42 photographers, invites us to get know the everyday moments of every photographer in their own unique way.

Photo Exhibition, by the members of Samos Photography group “FOT.O.S

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