Start: 30/08/2020
End: 30/08/2020

Event Venue

courtyard of the Municipal Library of Samos

GPS: 37.7565499, 26.9752684

  • Event description

Samos Photography group “FOT.O.S” organizes a photo exhibition, entitled “Monuments, places, heritage”, from 21 to 23 and 28 to 30 August, and time 20:00 to 23:00, at the courtyard of the Municipal Library of Samos.

Free admission

Due to the measures for Covid -19, and taking all the protective measures, we inform that the use of the protective mask inside the courtyard of the Library will be mandatory, while the attendance will be for a certain number of people.


  • Few words about Exhibition

The cultural heritage, material and intangible, records and depicts the historical development, while at the same time it shapes the identity of a place occupying a large part of its modern life. Monuments, through the small or large past, through the depiction of important or insignificant – if any – moments, are an integral part of the cultural heritage that some left to the next. But there is also the place, the one that beyond its narrow geographical meaning, changes through human paths, shaping its life then and today. Monuments and places speak to our subconscious, conveying information, in a non-verbal way, about our human history but also about the stories of the people who connected with them. Finally, it is the photographic lens that tries to highlight the spectators or invisible aspects of a culture, through the special personal gaze, through the photographic thought of each of us.

  • Event organizer

by the members of Samos Photography group “FOT.O.S

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General admission