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at KENEF building & the courtyard of the Vakendi-Karvela olive mill

GPS: 37.726720709597, 26.90954800641

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The Cultural Association of Mitilinii of Samos, as part of its annual events “Near to our Roots”, to promote local tradition and habits, organized this year’s “Nihteri” (=night concentration), the habit of the residents (mainly women), on neighborhoods of villages gathering in the afternoons, during the summer months, where they were embroidering, discussing, and telling stories, even before television and radio appeared and eliminated it.

On Saturday August 17th at 8pm the Mitilini Association, revives this habit, at KENEF building (Youth and Friendship Center of Mitilinii Samos) and in the courtyard of the Vakendi-Karvela olive mill, with traditional song dances and other events.

Free entrance, free pancakes

  • Event Organizer

Sports Education Association “Phoinikas Mytilinion”
and the Municipal Organization for Education, Culture, Youth and Sports of Samos (DOPPONNAS)

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General admission