Event Venue

at Kontakeika village, primary School courtyard

GPS: 37.8020793, 26.7450953

  • Event description

As part of the 1st Samos Arts Festival East End, on Thursday, August 27, at Kontakeika village, primary School courtyard, organized a concert with atmospheric sounds of the East by the music group Saman Project.

As part of the festival, they will present organ and vocal compositions of Romans, and not only, composers of the classical and folk music tradition of Constantinople, from the music of the Palace (Top Kapı) of Constantinople from 17th century to the wineries (meyhane) of the 20th century.

Spectator seats50

Admission free.

Adminission after reservation till 50 seats

Reservation via facebook or email photonisos@gmail.com
According health protocols, Face mask is mandatory
  • About Saman Project

The music group Saman Project was created in 2015 by a group of amateur musicians. All with common concerns and common stimuli to create, to wander and to know, themselves and the public, paths of Eastern music and the wider Eastern Mediterranean.

Since 2015 they have given many concerts and have participated in various projects of cultural events on the island of Samos.

Panagiotis Panagakis – voice, political lyre, oud
Foto Vakiri – voice
George Pappas – oud
Fabio Giardina – percussion
Stelio Varvaki – percussion

  • Event organizer

Eastern End – Samos Arts Festival

Since the summer of 2020, the Eastern End Festival has as its main goals to bring the largest possible population of the island in wider contact with the Arts and Culture as well as the strengthening of cultural tourism on the island of Samos.
The initiative and responsibility of the project has been taken over by the Urban Non-Profit Company under the name “Fotonisos Arts and Culture AMKE”, under the auspices of the Municipality of West Samos.

Fees & Tickets
General admission
More information about t time of the concert soon from Samos Arts Festival East End.