Event Venue

Eirenis Square in Pythagorion

GPS: 37.69055438173315, 26.942569613491855

  • Event description

A treasure hunt for kids between the ages of 7 and 12, takes place on Saturday, December 14, at 10.30am at Eirenis Square in the old Pythagorion City Hall, as part of the festive Christmas celebrations.

Applications for participation, till  Thursday, December 12:
On the phones:
Linardaki Athena 6986768747
Polytechnic Freedom 6940888840,
or at the messenger, FB page of the Pythagoreion Cultural Association “Lykourgos”

  • Event organizer

Local council of Pythagoreion Municipality in cooperation with
Pythagorean Cultural Association “Lykourgos”,
Pythagorean Volunteer Firefighters Association,
and the Parents & Guardians Association of the Elementary School & Kindergarten of Pythagorio.



Fees & Tickets
General admission