Start: 27/08/2020
End: 27/08/2020

Event Venue

courtyard of Assumption Virgin church at Kontakeika

GPS: 37.8020793, 26.7450953

  • Event description

As part of the 1st Samos Arts Festival East End, the photographic section “Photonisos” between 21 – 27 August 2020 (waiting for time), in the courtyard of Assumption Virgin church at Kontakeika. will present the group photo exhibition “Winter or like to be”, which deals with the feeling of loneliness and abandonment of the inhabitants of the remote island, who feel the decision-making centers far away from themselves.

presentation photo: Iasonas Kokkinakis

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  • About photographic section “Fotonisos”

The photographic group “Photonisos” (=photo island) started its operation as section of A.P.S.E.S. Pythagoras of Kontakeika in 2014 within the , as “Photographic Group of Kontakeika, Photonisos”.

Photonisos was the first photographi group, betwee villages all around Greece and till to date has shown an extroverted character and was collaboration with the Schwarz Foundation, the Municipality of Samos, the Aegean University, the Library of the Aegean University, the Mediterranean Photography Festival (Medphoto Festival), student groups of the Aegean University, the center for addiction prevention “Faros” and the Second chance school of Samos, and having held dozens of cultural events on the island of Samos.

Since 2019, it’s photography section of A.P.S.E.S. Pythagoras of Kontakeika.

  • Event organizer

Eastern End – Samos Arts Festival

Since the summer of 2020, the Eastern End Festival has as its main goals to bring the largest possible population of the island in wider contact with the Arts and Culture as well as the strengthening of cultural tourism on the island of Samos.
The initiative and responsibility of the project has been taken over by the Urban Non-Profit Company under the name “Fotonisos Arts and Culture AMKE”, under the auspices of the Municipality of West Samos.

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