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At the north-eastern entrance of the settlement “Pano (upper) Agios Konstantinos“, located the small homonymous picturesque church, from which the settlement of Pano (upper) Agios Konstantinos and later the village of Agios Konstantinos (or Kato -down- Agios Konstantinos) it got its name.

According to the date that is engraved on the wood-carved iconostasis, probably the temple was built in 1790 and it belonged το the Vronda Monastery, wich located close to the temple.

It is a Byzantine style and belongs to the type of the small single aisled basilica with dome, with dimensions 3.85 m width, 6.15 m length and 3.75 m in height. The unusual low height of the temple, proportional to its width (almost equally), gives a particularity to the temple, which probably intended to give a humble character.

The narthex, on the west side of the temple, is open from its front, consisting of three arched openings, while on the side it is closed with extensions of the side walls of the temple, meaning that it belongs to the original construction of the temple, as the simple built, bell tower above the narthex wich complements its image.

Inside the temple, the floor is paved with marble slabs and sections with pebble, while at the simple wooden iconostasis is carved the year 1790, from which we deduce the year of its construction, since there is no other inscription in the temple.

The picturesque church of Agios Konstantinos is a remarkable representative example of one-aisled basilica with dome type on the island of Samos.

  • Features

  • Foundation : 1790
  • Celebration : 21st May
  • Altitude :  Elevation ≈ 20 m
  • Condition : very good
  • Administratively : Chapel (formerly monasterial)
  • Getting there

  • The church located at the settlement of Pano (upper) Agios Konstantinos. Access is very easy, as it is located to the northeast of the entrance of the small settlement.

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Often, open to the public


Often, open to the public


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Often, open to the public


Often, open to the public

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