• Fast facts

Village altitude  295 m
Village land area 
0,02 km2
Region averege altitude
278 m, mountain
Region land area 10 km2
2011: 97, 2001: 118, 1981:  287 , 1961:  472 , 1951:  559 inhabitants.
Area per person  154 m² per person.

Economy relies mainly agriculture (olives) & livestock farming.

  • Description

Drakei village (Greek: Δρακαίοιlocate northwest at the island, lying at the northwest foothills of Kerkis mountain, on rocky, steep slopes but with lush vegetation.  The distances are  from Samos town 72 km, from Karlovasi town 42 Km, from Pythagorio town 58 Km and from Marathokampos village 29 Km. 

Administratively consists, the local communities of Drakei, which belongs to Karlovasi municipal unit, of West Samos Municipality with Karlovasi capital.

It has great view from nort till northwest to Aegean sea, and to the islands of Icaria, Fournoi even in Andros and Chios, when the weather permits. It has also of the most beautiful sunset, do not miss it !.

It is the most remote villages of the island but you will be rewarded with beautiful views, the great sunsets, and the beautiful drive especially at the last 13 Km.

Drakei it is just 10 km away from Karlovasi, in straight line, but the construction route is extremely difficult because of the rocky, steep slopes of Kerkis mountain, that’s why the route it cross from Marathokampos area and go to Kallithea. This has isolated the village from the rest of the island and has led to significant population decline, but on the other hand, retains its authenticity.

  • History & name

It is not known when the village was established,  probably during the late 17th century, since there are reports for the existence of the village at this period.

When Samos was Hegemony, this village joined with the neighboring village of Kallithea, constituted the Municipality of “Kalabachtasi”, later, at the union of Samos with Greece 1912, they separated into two different communities.

There is the view, that the name comes from the tower “Drakano” that existed in the easternmost cape in Ikaria island, opposite the village. A similar tower exists at a location called “Pyrgaki” (=small tower), 500 meters outside the village close to the road to Kalithea village. From this spot were watching in case the Turkish fleet or pirates were approaching Samos, and notify by smoke signals, the rest of Samos island and “Drakano” tower in Ikaria island.  Most probably its that the name derives from the name of its first inhabitant who has the named “Drakos”.

  • Settlements

One settlement belong to Drakei village, Ormos Agios Isidoros settlement, 4,5 Km west from the village, with 18 inhabitants. At the settlement there is shipyards who build traditional wooden boats.

  • Tips

  • From the village there is a path leading to Megalo Seitani beach then to Mikro Seitani beach and at the end to Karlovasi town.
  • Visit “Agios Isidoros” settlement where there shipyards who build traditional wooden boats. At the next bay is the wild beauty beach “Varsamo”
  • On October 26 in the church of “Agios Demetrius”, close to the village in a beautiful enviroment with lush vegetation, there is a feast for the name day of the saint.
  • Over the roadway is dirt road leading to Kallithea village. Very beautiful route in a beautiful enviroment with lush vegetation.
  • It has also of the most beautiful sunset, do not miss it !.


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