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The library has about 30,000 items. In particular the collection consists of:

• Old and rare books. The oldest dates from the 16th c. AD
• Samian collection.
• Manuscript collection / holographs.
• Book Reading
• Books of the lending library.
• Books of the mobile library.
• Newspapers and magazines. Since the 19th c AD till today.
• Audiovisual material. Mainly educational CD / DVD and videotapes.
• Official Government Gazette.
Since 1999 the Library has a bookmobil” and is visiting schools and remote communities of Samos.
• Since 2007 the Library acquired special electronic equipment for people with disabilities. With this they can have access to computers and to the internet, for people with partial or total disability of vision or movement.
Since 2004 it has created the “Public Information Centerunder the Information Society“. According to this, there is access to the electronic library and to the catalog of the Library, and via the Panhellenic School Network to national and international databases and digital libraries.

  • Histrory

The Central Public Historic Library of Samos is housed in a two-storey neoclassical building. The building has been described as a “work of art” by the Greek Ministry of Culture. The mansion was owned by the wealthy timber merchant “Miltiades George“, built in 1893-1895, who bequeathed it by will in 1900, in order to create the library.

The Library of Samos is designated as Historic. The initial core was formed at the “Pythagorean Gymnasium”, by donations and it slowly became a Public Library.

Several volumes were offered during 1859 and 1860, by the samian Patriarch of Jerusalem Kyrillos B’ and from the Prince of Samos “Aristarchos Miltiades”, who requested the General Assembly to provide the annual budget  of 5,000 piastres for the Library.

A decree of 1881 appointed the first director of the Library. The main organizer of the Library considered the headmaster “Aristomenis Stergioglidis”, who worked for the first time with the library hardware processing. In 1898 the A.Stergioglidis printed the first catalog of the Public Library, which numbered 3,752 volumes.

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The opening hours can be extended to serve researchers or schools.


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