• Fast facts

Village altitude  162 m
Village land area 
0,12 km2
Region averege altitude
138 m, semi-mountainous
Region land area 8,3 km2
2011: 517, 2001: 578,   1940:  1.464 inhabitants.
Area per person  230 m² per person.

Economy relies mainly on agriculture (horticulture,  it covers most of the island’s needs), during past times its main crop was tobacco.

  • Description

Kontakeika village (Greek: Κοντακαίικα), is located to the north of the island, at the northwest foothills of “Ambelos” mountain (or Karvounis). The distances are:  from Samos town 29 km, from Karlovasi town 5 Km, from Pythagorio town 38 Km and from Marathokampos village 18 Km.

Administratively consists the local communities of Kontakeika, which belongs to Karlovasi municipal unit, of West Samos Municipality with Karlovasi capital.

It has excellent view from northeast to northwest aegean, you can see Karlovasi town, till Asia Minor and sometimes Chios island to the north.

  • History & name

As mentioned by the author E. Stamatiadis in his book “Samiaka”, the village got its name from the name of the first resident who went there at 1750, and was called “George Kotis”. His children married brides from the nearby village Ydrousa, creating over time a small village of which were the first inhabitants.

West of the village at an altitude of 950 meters at “Kastrovouni” location, are the remains from a Genoese castle. In the same area there are also remains of old Byzantine settlements.

  • Settlements

Five settlements belong to Kontakeika village, Agios Dimitrios, 1,5 Km northwest from the village, on the main road Karlovasi-Samos, with 231 inhabitants, Agios Nikolaos (or Limanaki) 2,5 Km north from the village, at the seaside, with 25 inhabitants, it’s a small tourist resort, with accommodation and restaurant, Vrises 1,5 Km west of the village, with 134 inhabitants, Agios Elias 2 Km northwest from the village,  with 33 inhabitants and Hatzistamulides 2,7 south from the village (uninhabited).

  • Tips

  • Continuing the paved road north, you will reach after 4 km, the village Idroussa
  • The biggest social event of the village is the feast of the Virgin Mary on August 15.


Address & Contact

Our Address

Kontakeika Samos T.K 83200


37.802188677332, 26.745406535003

Our Useful Features & Services

Municipal Doctor Τ.+30 22730 34062

Beautiful view

Grocery store

Restaurant & coffe

Road: asphalt, very easy


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