• Fast facts

Village altitude  160 m
Village land area 
0,08 km2
Region averege altitude
149 m, semi-mountainous
Region land area 8,72 km2
2011: 315, 2001: 402, 1981: 447,  1961: 623,  1928: 974 inhabitants.
Area per person  241 m² per person.

Economy relies mainly on agriculture (olives trees, famous onions, vegetables). In earlier days there were also many locals making their living, being employed as sailors.

  • Description

Koumeika village  (Greek: Κουμαίικα) is located to the south of the island, at the southwestern foothills of “Ambelos” mountain (or Karvounis). The distances are: 9,5 km from Marathokampos village, 14 Km from Karlovasi town, 27 Km from Pythagorio town and 40,5 Km from Samos town.

Administratively consists the local communities of Koumeika, which belongs to Marathokampos municipal unit, of West Samos Municipality with Karlovasi capital.

It is a very picturesque village with beautiful architecture houses and a large square underneath the shade of an centenarian plane trees and next to the marble public fountain, built in 1882, during the period of the Hegemon “Kadosidis”.

The village is not far from the sea (2,4 km distance), but it is hidden behind a hill so it is not visible by the sea. This is a typical precaution of the early settlers who did not want their houses to be visible by the pirates at sea.

  • History & name

Αs reported by the authors E.Stamatiades and E.Kritikides, in their books, the name derives from the first settlers who came from “Kimi” in the island of Euboea. But is more likely the explanation by the author N.Dimitriou, in his book “Samian folklore”, which supports that the name derives from the surname  “Koumas”, which is common in the neighboring village of Spathareoi, from where people may have came and settled in the region.

  • Settlements

Two settlements belong to Koumeika, Velanidia settlement, 4 Km west south from Koumeika with 10 inhabitants  and “Ormos Koumeikon” (which means “moorage of Koumeika”) or “Balos”, 2.4 Km distance south from Koumeika, with 45 inhabitants.

Ormos Koumeikon (also known as Balos), It is a small tourist resort with several small family business, apartments to let and restaurants, which extends in front of the homonymous beach, 800m length.

  • Tips

  • Browse the streets of the village.
  • Continuing the car road for 4.5 km you will reach the village Skoureika.
  • Visit Ormos Koumeikon (or Balos), 2,5 Km distance, for swimming or dining.

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Koumeika Samos T.K. 83104


37.709606424079, 26.7484126091

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Caffe (traditional with snack)

Grocery store

Road: asphalt, winding


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