• Fast facts

Population 2011: 79 inhabitants
Older Censuses
2011: 131, 2001: 137, 1991: 167, 1961: 375, 1951: 395, 1928: 485, 1828: 188 inhabitants
Population density per Km²
14 inhabitants
Village altitude 
360 m
Region averege altitude 372 m, mountainous
Village land area 
0,02 km2
Region land area 5,65 km2
Parish church 1 orthodox, Zoodochou Pigis (Life-Giving Spring), basilica type without dome and double-aisled church.
relies mainly on agriculture (mostly viticulture and olives).

  • Description

Manolates village (Greek: Μανολάτες) is located at the north of the island, at the northern foothills of “Ambelos” mountain (or Karvounis).   The distances are:  from Samos town 23 km, from Karlovasi town 13 Km, from Pythagorio town 32 Km and from Marathokampos village 26 Km.

Administratively consists the local communities of Manolates, which belongs to Vathi municipal unit, of East Samos Municipality, with Samos city capital.

It’s a traditional village, with beautifully preserved houses, plenty of water, surrounded with lush vegetation and with fantastic view.  The green slopes of Ampelos mountain (or Karvounis) that reach the sea, the view to the sea till Asia Minor, create a scene that is a key feature of the village. The villagers are occupied, almost exclusively with viticulture, so you will find good local wine in different varieties.

The village is one of the most popular sights of the island and attracts many visitors every day mainly during the summer months. It has very few rooms, that’s why the guests are passers-by, but it has charm, local products shops, gift shops, modern pottery workshops, and enough restaurants with good food and wine.

  • History

In 1851, at Samos hegemony period (1834-1912), “Manolates” together with the villages Agios Konstandinos, Stavrinides, Ampelos, Valeontades (abandoned), & Margarites (abandoned) constituted the municipality of “Exi Geitonies” (=six neighbourhoods). At 1912 (union of Samos with Greece) it became an independent community.

  • Name

According to the author E.Stamatiadi, the name of the village derives from the surname “Manolas” which was the first family that settle in the area at 1794.

  • Settlements

Close to Manolates there were the settlements “Georgates”, “Aggelides”, “Margarites”, “Skopelites”, “Karamanolides” who had taken their name from the names of the settlers or families who lived there.  Now these settlements are uninhabited and deserted. In some of them, such as “Margarites” there are ruins of houses, streets and the church of the village in honor of “Ag.Georgiou” with wall paintings and beautiful images of saints.

  • Tips

  • The village is connected with Stavrinides village by a paved path and it’s a very nice route for walkers. There are also dirt roads (for 4X4) leading to the top of mountain Ampelos (or Karvounis).
  • Wander at the picturesque streets of the village with the beautiful and well-preserved houses,  fine samples of Samian architecture.
  • To get to the village you pass by a very beautiful place, called “aidonia” (= nightingales) with a forest of plane trees next to the river called “Kakorema” (= bad creek).
  • At the village there is very good quality and great production of grapes for winemaking. Ask to taste local wine.
  • There is a big area for parking at the entrance of the village.

Address & Contact

Our Address

Manolates Samos T.K. 83200


37.78578772818, 26.825638771057

Our Useful Features & Services

Nice view

Lush vegetation

Grocery store

Restaurant & caffe


mainly gift shops, pottery and local produce

Road: asphalt, uphill winding at the last 4 km (very beautiful route)

winding road but beautiful route, next to the river and lush vegetation of plane trees.


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