• Fast facts

Village altitude  275 m
Village land area  
0,01 km2
Region averege altitude 
270 m, semi-mountainous
Region land area 6,57 km2
2011: 63, 2001: 84, 1981: 154, 1961: 202,  1920: 321 inhabitants.
Area per person  219 m² per person.

Economy relies mainly on agriculture (olives trees).

  • Description

Neochori village  (Greek: Νεοχώρι)  is located to the south of the island, and at the southwest foothills of “Ambelos” mountain (or Karvounis).   The distances are: 13 km from Marathokampos village, 16 Km from Karlovasi town, 23 Km from Pythagorio town and 36,5 Km from Samos town.

Administratively consists the local communities of Neochori, which belongs to Marathokampos municipal unit, of West Samos Municipality with Karlovasi capital.

Neochori village or Nichori or Nichoraki as the Samians call it, is one of the smallest villages of Samos. It’s built on rugged and steep terrain and has beautiful view to the west and south, to the gulf of Marathokambos and to the islands of Ikaria, Fourni, Patmos, Arki and when the weather permits, to more islands to the South.

  • History & name

Even though the name means “New Village”, the village is one of the first Samian villages after the reoccupation of the island (17th century).   Although not mentioned in 1677, at the description of Samos, by author Archbishop Joseph Georgeirinis, it is mentioned in 1702 at the reference to Samos from the French botanist Joseph Pitton de Tournefort. Probably, once was oldest village, afterwards may have been destroyed, for some reason, or abandoned and was later rebuilt, from where it took its name. Before that it was called “Zoureika” which probably derives from the surname of Zouras, in according with author E.Stamatiadis at “Samiaka” (1862).

  • Tips

  • Continue the road to the south. It ends up at the villages Skoureika (4 km) and Koumeika (4,5 km)

Address & Contact

Our Address

Neochori Samos TK 83104


37.708477537095, 26.770728588104

Our Useful Features & Services

Beautiful view

Caffe (traditional with snack)

Grocery store

Road: asphalt, winding at the last 1,7 Km


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