• Fast facts

Settlement altitude  10 m
Settlement land area 
0,05 km2
Region averege altitude

Region land area
2011: 210, 2001: 221 inhabitants.
Area per person  246 m² per person.

Economy relies mainly on tourism, fishing and agriculture.

  • Description

Ormos Marathokampou  settlement (Greek: Όρμος Μαραθοκάμπου) is located at the south-west of the island, by the seaside. The distances are:  from Samos town 46 km, from Karlovasi town 16,5 Km, from Pythagorio town 33 Km and from Marathokampos village 4,5 Km. 

Administratively consists, the settlement of “Ormos Marathokampou”, which belongs to municipal community of Marathokampos, of Marathokampos municipal unit, of West Samos Municipality with Karlovasi capital.

  • History & name

Αs reported by the author E.Stamatiadis in his book “Samiaka” at the end of 19th century, “from Ormos all boats of the region depart, carrying passengers and goods for trade, to other Aegean ports. Health services, port authority, customs office and almost fifty warehouses exist there for trade to operate better.

In February 1885  the German historian, professor of Munich university, Karl Krumbacher passed by “Ormos” and chartered a boat to carry him to Patmos. He was impressed with the road paved with stone slabs, which connects “Ormos” with “Marathokampos”. He was also impressed with the simplicity and spontaneity of the people, and the soap factory, where he bought soap from, as he mentions in his book “Greek journey” (the soap factory operates till today). Also, as he mentioned, the port was constructed at that time.

The construction of the port was never completed and what they had prepared was destroyed by the Germans during their retreat at September 1944, when only a 50m in length breakwater had remained. During the 1960s they placed concrete blocks, on the foundations of the old port and since 2010 the works for the completion of the construction are ongoing. Today the project is almost complete and the harbor is turned into a modern marina.

“Ormos” acquired permanent residents only at at the end of 19th century, because of the piracy which existed before. Before that, people used to work during  daylight in “Ormos” and at night they went to their homes at Marathokampos. When in 1863 the last of pirates was killed, (he was arrested on the island of  “Fourni”, then the village began to gain residents.

At “Ormos” there were large shipyards, in which craftsmen from Marathokampos, with the use of famous Samian timber, manufactured wooden boats up to 500 tons, and traveled even to America. The first wooden boat was built, around 1720 by workmen who came from Patmos and the last around 1970. In these 250 years they built thousands of large or small wooden boats, thus creating a very big  and important chapter in the shipbuilding history.

Today “Ormos” is one of the famous tourist resorts at Samos. The picturesque village, the beautiful pier, the hospitable residents, the natural beauty in the surrounding area attract many summer vacationers every year.

The former name was “Spilia” (= cave) but then earned its present name “ormos Marathokampou” which means “moorage of Marathokampos”.

  • Tips

  • Visit the ChurchAgios Nikolaos” (=Saint Nicholas), built during the 17th century. It was a dependency of Koutloumousiou monastery in Mount Athos (Agion Oros).
  • Visit the soap factory “KENTOURIS, K., SONS“, which at least from 1885, produces olive-pomace oil and the traditional green soap.
  • Visit Kampos Marathokampou area and beach in just 2 Km, or more beautiful beaches and natural beauty in the surrounding area.


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