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Konteika located in the northwestern part of the island, at the foot of “Ambelos” (or Karvounis) mountain

The wide view, from east to the south and the picturesque houses, put their own touch at the beuty of the village.

located to the south of the island, and at the southwest foothills of “Ambelos” (or Karvounis) mountain, just 9,5 km from Marathokampos village, 14 Km from Karlovasi, 27 Km from Pythagorio and 40,5 Km from Samos town. Administratively belongs to…

Few traces have remained of the castle that is built at the midlle of 7th century, on the peak “Lazaros” of Mountain “Ambelos” (or Karvounis) at Samos island.

At the village was developed pottery craft bacause of the large amounts of raw material (clay) that is close to the village at the area “kokkinopouria” (=red scale).

Mesogios village It is the highest altitude village on the island, with beautiful view over the southwest foothills of Ambelos or Karvounis mountain

It’s located on the west end of “Choras village plain” (the largest plain in the island), close to the east bank of Imbrasus river and within a verdurous environment full of citrus orchards.

It is the fourth most populous village of the island, after Samos, Karlovassi and Vathi and having very small population changes from its creation, because of the economic prosperity that always had.

Neochori village or Nichori or Nichoraki as the Samians call it, is one of the smallest villages of Samos. It’s built in rugged and steep terrain and has beautiful view to the west and south, to the gulf of Marathokambos and to the islands of…

Has picturesque houses with remarkable architecture and a large square with plane and mulberry trees for shade and relaxation in the summer. Walking up to the west of the village, you will meet the public washhouse and you get a nice picture of the…