• Fast facts

Village altitude  140 m
Village land area 
0,07 km2
Region averege altitude
117 m, semi-mountainous
Region land area 20,29 km2
2011: 497, 2001: 684,  1981: 573,  1961: 786,  & 1928: 1.233 inhabitants.
Area per person  140 m² per person.
Economy relies mainly on  agriculture (olives trees) less in tourism at the settlements of the village.

  • Description

Paleokastro or Paliokastro village (Greek: Παλαιόκαστρο or Παλιόκαστρο) is located to the east of the island, and to thesouth-east of Samos town. The distances are: 7 Km from Samos town10 km from Pythagorio town,  32 Km from Pythagorio town and 45 Km from Marathokampos village.

Administratively consists the local communities of Paleokastro, which belongs to Vathi municipal unit, of East Samos Municipality, with Samos city capital.

Built on a small plateau, it is surrounded by hills and invisible from the sea, because of the pirates fear

  • History & name

The village was built early of 17th century and the name comes (in Greek, Palaio-kastro=old castle) from a small castle (Byzantine period), which was probably built during the 7th-8th CE.   Just 600 m to the west of the village, you will find the remaining walls of the castle and also the picturesque church of Agios Trifonas (belonging to the Monastery of Iviron, Mount Athos), whose one side is built upon the castle walls.

  • Settlements

Five settlements belong to Paleokastro village,  Argiros settlement, 2 Km south of the village with 44 inhabitants,  Klima settlement at the seaside, 9 Km south-east from Paleokastro with 25 inhabitants, Posidonio settlement at the seaside, 8 Km south-east from Paleokastro with 30 inhabitants, Kerrveli (or charavgi) settlement at the seaside, 8 Km east-south from Paleokastro with 53 inhabitants and Psili ammos settlement at the seaside, 6,5 Km south from Paleokastro with 48 inhabitants.

The settlements of Psili ammos, Posidonio, Klima and Kerrveli (or charavgi) because of the beautiful beaches, have been developed in tourism and feature hotels, restaurants, cafes, mini markets etc. and of course crystal clear sea.

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37.738306628559, 26.998866558075

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Road: asphalt, easy uphill

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