In the northern part of Samos, east of Agios Konstantinos village, at 18th Km of the provincial road SamosKarlovasi, begins the road leading to Manolates village. There is the area of Platanakia, which you will easily recognize as it is overgrown with aged plane trees, with thick foliage that does not allow the sun to pass.

Following the road to Manolates village, you will travel within a plantain forest, and after about 1.5 Km you will find yourself in the area of Aidonia, next to the stream “Kakorema” (= bad stream), which is responsible for all this lush vegetation.

It is worth spend a little of your time and enjoying the splendor of nature, the plane trees, the waters, the wildlife with the rich flora and fauna under the musical background of nightingales and other birds.

  • Tips

  • Wander around and enjoy the colors, smells and sounds of nature.
  • The best time to visit the area is spring that has lush vegetation, lots of water and the plane trees regain their leavs that had fallen in winter (the plane tree is a deciduous tree). In the summer it has less water but retains its beauty and is a real oasis of coolness.

Respect the environment; do not throw away rubbish or start any kind of fire.

  • Getting there

  • On the 18th Km of the provincial road Samos – Karlovassos lies the area of Platanakia. Following the road to Manolates village, after about 1.5 Km, you will find yourself in the area of “Aidonia”.
  • Restrictions

  • No fires
  • Remove your trash when you leave
  • Camping is prohibited

  • Access

  • Free Public Space

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