Fast facts

Village altitude  185 m,
Village land area 
0,03 km2
Region averege altitude
147 m, mountainous
Region land area 6,3 km2
2011: 99, 2001: 135,  1920: 497 inhabitants..
Area per person  287 m² per person.

Economy relies mainly on agriculture (olives trees).



Skoureika village  (Greek: Σκουρέικα) located at the south of Samos island, and at southwest foothills of “Ambelos” mountain (or Karvounis). The distances are: 14 km from Marathokampos village, 18 Km from Karlovasi town, 27 Km from Pythagorio town and 41 Km from Samos town.

Administratively consists the local communities of Skoureika, which belongs to Marathokampos municipal unit, of West Samos Municipality with Karlovasi capital.


History & name

Skoureika took its name from George Skouras, the first settler of the village at the end of the 17th century, according to oral traditions and testimonies, but also as confirmed by the dedicatory inscription of 1718 that bears his name, in the icon of St. George of the parish church.

The families of Kontogiannis and Chatzisarris also belong to the first settlers of the village, while followed by other residents from the nearby settlements Katsoureika and Lazeika of Spatharei village, as well from Kaminia settlement of Platakanos village. which were shared both in Skoureika village and in the neighboring village of Neochorio.

Another explanation is given by the author Nick. Dimitriou in his book “Folklore of Samos”, according to which, the first settlers came from Skoura village in Evia. Most likely is that, the family of Georgios Skouras actually came from Skoura of Evia to Samos after the recolonization of the island.

The history of the area, however, begins in ancient times, continuing during the Byzantine period, as evidenced by archaeological finds in the wider area of the village, which came up from time to time by the inhabitants, but also the Byzantine Christian tombs, which were found near church of Panagia, the crowd of which testifies to the existence of a town.

At the beginning of the 19th c. in Skoureika there were two parish churches, Panagia (virgin Mary) church, which built it by the Kontogiannis family at 1799, in its current location, and Agios Georgios church (st. George) which built it by the son of Georgios Skouras, Papa (=priest)-Stamatis Papachatzis Skouras in 1814, in today’s school garden location, originally. The construction of the two churches was a result of the competition for supremacy that existed between the two families of the first inhabitants of the village, G.Skouras and Kontogiannis on the other. Characteristic of this rivalry was the reconstruction in 1825 by Georgios Kontogiannis, a largest church of Panagia (virgin Mary), with three domes and a narthex (current form), when Papa (=priest)-Stamatis Papachatzi Skouras built the church of Agios Georgios (St. George) in 1814.
This competition came the end, when the son of Georgios Skouras, Papa (=priest)-Stamatis Papachatzis Skouras married the daughter of Georgios Kontogiannis, resulting the predominance of Skouras family, which gave its name to the village and the church of Agios Georgios (st. George) became a parish church of the village.

In 1920, Manolakis Chatzigeorgiou, descendant of Kontogiannis family, undertook to rebuild the current church of Agios Georgios (st. George), with architectural plans by the French engineer Dibre, which had as a model the church of St. Spyridon in the city of Samos. The church was completed in 1922 and inaugurated on April 23, 1933 by the Metropolitan of Samos and Ikaria Irineos.

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Three coastal settlements belong to Skoureika village,  Kampos (=plain), 4,5 Km southwest from Soureika with 11 inhabitants, Perri, 2,4 Km distance southwest from Soureika, with 30 inhabitants and Pefkos (=pine), 7 Km distance southwest from Soureika , with 17 inhabitants,



  • Visit the church of Panagia (virgin Maria) build in 1799, with its special architecture and three domes.
  • Visit the parish church of Agios Georgios (st. George) build in 1814.
  • Visit the source “Dimza”, with the beautiful landscape and lush vegetation, east of the village.
  • Psili Ammos beach in Perri is a very beautiful unexploited, secluded beach for relaxation and swimming.
  • At Pefkos settlement (4,5 Km southwest from Soureika) you will find tavern for dining in a nice position with view to the sea
  • Just 2 Km before Skoureika village there is a paved road leading to Neochori village, after 1,7 Km.
  • If you drive a 4×4 vehicle you can follow the dirt road to the east, which will lead you after 6 Km, to Spatharei village



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Skoureika Samos T.K. 83104


37.695252151872, 26.773083567619

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Caffe (traditional with snack)

Grocery store

Road: asphalt, winding


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