• Exhibits

The permanent exhibition includes archaeological finds from the excavations carried out in and around the Castle and other Byzantine sites and monuments of Pythagoreio.

The exhibition includes six modules, which cover a wide range of information on the island’s history from late antiquity to the 19th century.

The exhibits and audiovisual equipment, show the everyday life during the Byzantine period, the history of the castle, the action of Lykourgos Logothetis, the fortress architecture in the Aegean and Samos and more.

Among other exhibits include architectural pieces, utilitarian pottery, small objects, coins, lead seals, etc. and through audio-visual equipment, informational text, photographs, drawings, reproductions of maps, engravings, documents, touch screen, projection room, etc.

  • Museum History

The Museum is located on the hill of the “Castle of Pythagorio”, was inaugurated in the summer of 2010 and is  housed in the “Tower of Lycurgus Logothetis”, one of the most important monuments of Samos, related to the Byzantine and modern history of the island.

  • Architecture

Professor George Mylonas ranks the tower, among the few surviving medieval monuments on the island. The Tower is built on the foundations of the ancient Acropolis.

Excavations in the surrounding area have uncovered the ruins of the ancient Bouleuterion, various temples, galleries and other public buildings on the market of ancient Samos

The castle has four building phases, the oldest of which dates from the 10th century AD.
1st phase of construction
In the first phase belongs the central tower bearing the inscription of the Byzantine Emperor Nikiforos Fokas.
2nd phase of construction
In the 14th century, when the area came under the power of the Genoese, repairs and additions were made to the south and north of the castle. During this period, seaside walls with square towers were erected. The southeast tower is in contact with the oldest Byzantine wall.
3rdphase of construction
During the 16th century its fortification was supplemented by cannons and modernized with the new war technology of the time

Source: Independent free information space

At the beginning of the 19th century it was renovated by by “Lykourgos Logothetis”, leader of rebellious Samians,against the Turkish rule.
Basically it was the mansion of L.Logothetis but also It housed the headquarters of Samian rebels during their fight against the Turks and aso served as a fortification.


  • Tower features

  • Construction time  : 10th century AD
  • Origin                      : Modern Greek
  • Castle Type             : Tower
  • Altitude                   : 0 m
  • Condition                : Good


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09:00 - 15:30

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