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Monastery Evaggelistrias Skalas or Agiou Vasiliou or Vaggelistras (as is known to locals) was founded in 10th century by ascetics in the region and belongs to the Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

It’s built like an eagle’s nest, on the southern slopes of Kerki mountain, and stands out from far away in the middle of the pine forest, overlooking the endless ocean.

Located at an altitude of 650 meters, and began to be created around 10th century, when in these wilds press flourished monasticism and asceticism. Written sources indicate that just before the depopulation of the island (16th -17th century), in Kerkis mountain region lived about five hundred monks and ascetics and approximately one thousand in the entire rest of the island.

During the inventory of monks from the Samos archdiocese in 1830, referred as a dependency (Monastery)  of Koutloumousiou monastery in Mount Athos and lived there a archimandrite and two monks.

In the middle of 19th Century,  lived there the monk Nephon Kyriakou from Karlovassi, who was also and owner of Monastery. On August 8, 1881 he sold the Monastery, to the Abbot of Agia Triada Monastery, Iakovo.

The monk Maximus with two or three monks succeeded the monk Nephon Kyriakou , and then until 1940 the Papalefteris (=priest Lefteris) a “saint” and well educated person.

From 1940 to 1945 the monastery was deserted, the time destroyed and unfortunately looted by the people. In 1945 the abbess “Gerontissa” (as it was known), Magdalene and Theonymfi, dedicated to the Virgin Mary and came here to be nuns. Shortly afterwards followed the monastic life the nuns Maria in 1952, Salome around 1960, and Nektaria. in 2008 the nuns left the monastery and moved in Marathokampos, since then there are no nuns or monks at Monastery.

Never had forts and protective walls as almost all the big monasteries in Samos, because the area is inaccessible and natural fortress from unwanted invaders pirates.

It is simple and small Monastery with large entrance, followed by a hallway with 6-7 cells from both sides, the Arhondariki (siting room) in the middle and the church at the end.

At the iconostasis of the church there is the silver-plated icon of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary.The icon is considered miraculous and is embellished with offerings from faithful.

The beautiful wood carved iconostasis of the church is made up in 2005, donation from faithful , which replaced the old simple and worn one.

Outside of the building there is a little source with digestible and very refreshing water. The source is unique in the region, thats why it was built there.

To reach Vaggelistra from Kampo Marathokampou, you will make a distance of 4.5 km (1 Km asphalt and 3.5 dirt road) and arrive at an altitude of 370 m, then follow the uphill path by foot for about 2 Km, where you arrive after 30 – 45 minutes in Vangelistra at 650 meters altitude,
=> get information for the path from Kampos Marathokampou
=> get information for the path from Limnionas beach  

Continuing the uphill path from Monastery of Vangelistra, you reach the chapel of Prophet Elias at 1,170 m altitude and then to Vigla, the top of Kerkis mountain at 1,443 m altitude. The trail is uphill, steep, rocky, and indistinguishable, but the spectacular view will rewarding. Here the horizon opens and the view is amazing, from here appears throughout Samos, deep to Asia Minor, the islands Chios, Ikaria, Fournoi, Cyclades, Dodecanese and more.


  • Features

  • Foundation year : 10th century
  • Founder : ascetics of the region
  • Inhabited : Without monks
  • Responsible : Mr Diamandis Nanos
  • Monastery belongs : To Patriarchate of Jerusalem
  • Celebration : 23 August
  • Altitude : Elevation ≈ 650 m
  • Condition : Very good (partial renovated in 2004)
  • Admission

  • The Monastery is open when there is the responsible. Not permanently resident. Call before visit. 

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The Monastery i is open when there is the responsible. Not permanently resident. Call before visit.

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