Fast facts

Population  2021: 455 inhabitants
Οlder Censuses 2011: 510, 2001: 6021928: 1.638, 1864: 1.685  1666: 400 inhabitants.
Population density per km2
25 persons
Village altitude 
330 m
Region averege altitude 291 m, mountainous
Village land area  0,06 km2
Region land area 18,42 km2
Parish Churches, 2 Orthodox, agios Ioannis o Theologos (St. John the Theologian) of the 18th century, belonged to the Vronta monastery, and the  he Kimisi tis Theotokou (Dormition of the Virgin), from the 18th century.
relies mainly agricultural (viticulture and olives).



Vourliotes village (Greek: Βουρλιώτες) is located at the north of the island, at the northern foothills of “Ambelos” mountain (or Karvounis).

The distances are: 21 km from Samos town, 20 Km from Karlovasi town, 32 Km from Pythagorio town and 33 Km from Marathokampos village.

Administratively consists the local communities of Vourliotes, which belongs to Vathi municipal unit, of East Samos Municipality, with Samos city capital.

It is located in a area with lush vegetation, covered with forest of pines trees mixed with vineyards and enoys a beautiful view to the north. There’s abundance of crystal-clear water. The village has many narrow streets and traditional houses.

The very good climatic and soil conditions, help the area to produce much and good quality of wine, but shortage of manpower has reduced the producible quantity but not quality.

The village preserves elements of the local traditional architecture and since 2002, has been characterized by the Greek goverment, as settlement of special natural beauty (4754 / 30-4-2002), with many restrictions on the houses construction and repair.


History & name

It is one of the first and the most beautiful villages of the island. It has been built at the end of 16th by inhabitants that came from the village of Vourla (ancient city of Clazomenes) in Asia Minor  and from this village derives its name.

Vourliotes at 1700 was the only village of the wider region of north central Samos. Reported by the author I. Georgeirinis at 1670 and by the botanist Tournefort at 1702 and they do not mention any other village or settlement at the area.  Probably the other settlements (and then villages) in the surrounding area were created after Vourliotes village inhabitants spread to the nearby areas.

The village at first was built in lowlands, at south edge of “Kampos Vourlioton” (=plain of Vourliotes), in Paleochori (=old village) area, on older settlement ruins. The pirates raids, forced them to move higher, to its current position.

At a short distance from the older settlement (in the lowlands), other ruins bear witness that there was a castle, which was supposed  to keep the inhabitants safe, when pirates raided the area. The ruined castle is attributed by the locals to the Genoese and they call it “Prophet Elias castle”. Certainly this place was inhabited before the desolation of Samos, as we conclude from the many carved marble and reliefs that found around. Irrefutable witness are and the ruins of a Byzantine church, which are nearby.



Three settlements belong to Vourliotes village, Avlakia is settlement at sea side, 6 Km north-east, with 20 inhabitants, Kampos Vourlioton  is nother settlement at the sea side, 5,5 Km north west from the village, with 105 inhabitants, monastery Vronda 2 Km south-east from village, with 16 inhabitants



  • Wander at the picturesque streets of the village with the beautiful and well-preserved houses, fine samples of the Samian architecture.
  • Dine or lunch or have a coffee at the picturesque village square.
  • Two Km south-east from the village, the  Vronta monastery is located, the oldest and of the most beautiful monasteries in the island, built at 1566. Continuing the dirt road you reach the top of “Ampelos” (or Karvounis) mountain, or arrive to other villages, through beautiful routes.
  • Just 1.6 Km from the junction to the village, lies the “source Pnaka“, a green area with a lot of shade and cool water (there is a restaurant).
  • At the village there is a  very good quality and big production of grapes for winemaking. Ask to taste local wine.




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Vourliotes Samos T.K. 83100


37.784736417364, 26.84982419014

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Nice view

Lush vegetation


Caffe (traditional caffe)

Road: asphalt, uphill winding at the last 3 km


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