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Metochi Zoodochou Pigis Kakoperato, Hatzimanoli (Greek Ζωοδόχου πηγής Κακοπέρατου, Χατζημανώλη = Life-Giving Source evil passage, Hatzimanoli -area name-) it is unknown when it was founded, probably the 19th century or later.

It is simple and small Monastery, located on the northern slopes of Kerki mountain,  in a wooded area (which burned in 2010 but regenerate quickly), into the deepest ravine of Samos that ends at Sεitani beach. The building complex of metochi consists of a two-storey building with cells and the small church of Zoodochos Pigi.

400 meters northwest of metochi is a cave in which inside there is the small church of “Zoodochos Pigi” or “pera Panagia” (=beyond holy Mary). The path at the last 150 meters or so are rough and dangerous, dug into the rock in a deep and steep cliff and that’s why named “Kakoperato” (=evil passage)The small church probably built during the heyday of asceticism in Kerki mountain at 8th-12th century.  Next to the church there is a small tank which fills water from the drop flow of the roof, “Agiasma” (=the holy water), as they called.

The cave has a length and width of 35 m. height 4 m. and the walls and the ceiling is covered with stalactites and stalagmites. Such as caver Petrohilos wrote it is old output of underground stream.

  • Features

  • Foundation year : Unknown, probably the 19th century
  • Founder : By ascetics of the region
  • Inhabited : Without monks or nuns
  • Responsible            :
  • Metochi belongs :
  • Celebration : 5 days after Orthodox Easter
  • Altitude : Elevation ≈ 580 m
  • Condition : good
  • Admission

  • Metochi is closed and uninhabited. Access to the cave church is always free.
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