Karlovasi district contains all villages and settlements of North-West part of Samos island. Incorporated 10 villages, it is 100,3 sq.km in extent with population 9.700 inhabitants.

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located next to the settlement of Agios Nikolaos (or “Limanaki” as it is known locally). Is a nice beach which mainly visited by locals from the village Kontakeika and some customers of nearby hotels.

mainly it serves the customers of two hotels behind the beach, but and locals too. Often has large waves, which they come on the beach mildly due to the breakwater and of shallow waters.

located at the north of the island, at northwest foot of “Ambelos” (or Karvounis) mountain, 6,5 km distance northeast from Karlovasi, surrounded by gardens, vines and forests. It has beautiful view to plain of Karlovasi and to the Sea.

located to the north of the island, at the northwest foot of “Ambelos” (or Karvounis) mountain, 5 km distance east from Karlovasi.

Konteika located in the northwestern part of the island, at the foot of “Ambelos” (or Karvounis) mountain

Samos unit of Aegean University was established in 1987. It’s headquartered in Karlovasi of Samos island