Area of Pagondas village located at the south of the island. Population is 550 inhabitants, 520 at the village and 30 at surrounding areas.

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it is with medium, large pebbles and sand sections. Remote beach with difficult access, since they have to travel several kilometers in difficult dirt road. It’s Ideal for those who likes to exploring, to isolation and to be in wildlife.

was founded in 1954 by Archimandrite Ioanni Papandoniou

The small monastery of Evaggelistrias Pagonda was founded in 1954 by Archimandrite Ioanni Papandoniou (from Koumeika) , while the church was built earlier ιν 1941 on the foundations of an ancient church that was there.

The Exhibits of the Folklore museum are placed in two large halls, the first hall displays all corners of a traditional house, and the second hall includes all the tools and items of the katoi as the loom

Has picturesque houses with remarkable architecture and a large square with plane and mulberry trees for shade and relaxation in the summer. Walking up to the west of the village, you will meet the public washhouse and you get a nice picture of the…