Pythagoreio district contains all villages and settlements of South-east part of Samos island. Incorporated 12 villages, it is 164,6 in extent with population 8.000 inhabitants.

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the rather small beach of Ireon, pebbly and partly sandy, it is an easy and good solution for those staying at hotels of settlement. Τhe beach is not deep and has calm waters as protected by the bay of Pythagorion.

it is a very picturesque, with medium pebbles and sandy sections. Access is only from the sea and you can get to there by boat from Pythagorion where day trips are organized (picnic). Well worth a visit which combining a trip with traditional Samian…

it is with medium, large pebbles and sand sections. Remote beach with difficult access, since they have to travel several kilometers in difficult dirt road. It’s Ideal for those who likes to exploring, to isolation and to be in wildlife.

It’s a small picturesque beach with small pebbles and rich natural shade from trees that are along the beach. It’s ideal beach for those who want to isolated from the crowds and organized beaches, in close distance. Feature of the beach…

it’s the island’s largest beach pebbly for the most part but large parts sand. It is a polymorphic beach, giving you many options like sports or sea activities area, beach bar area, isolated or sit in front of the settlement. To the east…

It is a small pebble beach (partly sandy), surrounded by restaurants and cafés, in the east end of the Pythagorean, beside the small pier of the port. Frequented mostly locals and tourists staying at the town.

They were the capital of the island, for about 250 years, taking the scepter from the mili village at 1600, and gave it to Samos town (then named Vathi) at the summer of 1854, by hegemony Ioannis Ghika.

was founded in 1954 by Archimandrite Ioanni Papandoniou

The small monastery of Evaggelistrias Pagonda was founded in 1954 by Archimandrite Ioanni Papandoniou (from Koumeika) , while the church was built earlier ιν 1941 on the foundations of an ancient church that was there.