Area of Kampos Marathokampou (or Votsalakia) settlement, is located at the south-west part of the island, at the foot of the mountain Kerkis. It’s one of the most famous tourist resorts in Samos, with beautiful beaches, natural beauty and serenity. Population is 490.

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located near the monastery of Agios Ioannis Eleimonas, from where it got its name. The beach is addressed to those who wish to be away from the crowds and close to nature. The “live” waters and rich seabed, will compensate you, just…

Is a small, isolated, quiet, beach, with shallow water for several meters and sandy seabed. To getting there you will let you car at the big turn of the road 900 m after Loukoulos Restaurant, and will follow the path walk for 250 m.

Katsuni beach (Greek Πλάκα = flagstone) It is a very small but picturesque and quiet beach with relatively calm waters since the small bay that enclosing the beach, protects it from the waves. If you stay up late at the beach, worth to wait for the…