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the smallest distance between Samos and Asia Minor

“Eptastadios porthmos” the smallest distance between Samos and Asia Minor

Samos is situated in the eastern region of the Aegean sea, between the parallels 37 º 49ˈ and 37º 37ˈ latitude north and between the meridians 26º 33ˈ and 27º 04ˈ 30ˈ longitude south.

To the East of Samos is Asia Minor (Turkey), the smallest distance is called “Eptastadio porthmos” (=Seven stadium channel) or “Dar-Bugaz” and its amplitude is only 1,650 m. This fact renders Samos as the closest Greek island to Turkey. North-westward is Chios at the distance of 42 miles, westward is Ikaria at 11 miles and south-westward is the islands complex of Fourni at 4 miles. The distance from Piraeus is 163 nautical miles and from Thessaloniki 280 miles (at straight line).

It is the eighth biggest island of Greece with extends 477 square kilometers from which 70% are highlands, 22% are semi highlands and 8% are lowlands. The length of its coasts is 86 miles.


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