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potami river at Karlovasi

“Potami of Kastania” that flows to the beach Potami, close to Karlovasi

There are no realy rivers in Samos anymore, although there are many ravine and creeks that have a flow of water during the summer. The author Emmanuel Kritikides supports that in the old days, the rivers “Imvrassos” , “Amfilissos” in Pirgos, “Tsakalorema” in Mitilinious and “Fourniotiko Rema” in Karlovasi used to have fresh water fish and refreshing water all over the year. Nowadays, in most of the creeks are getting water for irrigation and they are dry from the first days of summer.

  The main rivers of Samos is Imvrassos (the ancient “Parthenios”) that flows into Ireon and was the holy foundation of Goddess Hera. On its banks the temple of Hera was built in Samos. Continuing there are smaller creeks like “Tsakalorema” of Mytilinious, the ancient “Hisias” that flows into Mesokampos , “Amfilissos” of Pirgos that flows into the south of Koumeika village,  “Fourniotiko Rema”, the ancient “Ivitis” that flows to the east of Karlovasi ( is the biggest in length), the “Megalo rema” that flows in to Karlovasi and “Potami of Kastania” or just “potami” (=rever in Greek)  that flows to the beach Potami, which is about two kilometers to the west of Karlovasi. Close to the tidal delta of Potami river, up in the rising, there are waterfalls with crystal clear water. The thick vegetation of the crags are refreshing as you walk across the river even to swim in it.


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