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Eleftherotypia newpaper samosin

Islands overlooking Internet

article about Samosin.gr, at the largest nationwide newspaper “ELEFTHEROTIPIA

One of the largest newspaper in Greece, on 6 June 2000, has published an article entitled “Islands overlooking Internet”.

The subject of the article was 4 websites from different designers, that had been published, at the internet (unknown at that time), which presented 4 different Greek islands with detailed information. One of the websites was and samosin.gr.

Article include interviews with authors as well as detailed information on the content of websites. About samosin.gr the interview was given by its creator Ioanni E. Kiloukioti.

Article written by journalist Dina Daskalopoulou


Samiaki newpaper about samosin

From Samos to all the world

article about Samosin.gr, at local newspaper “SAMIAKI”

One of the largest local newspapers, on 19 June 2000, has published an article entitled “From Samos to all the world”.

The subject of the article was just for samosin.gr website, with detailed information, referring to the promotion of the island through the website.

Article include also and interviews with author Ioanni E. Kiloukiotis.

Article written by journalist Manolis Stefanakis


samosin backlinks

Backlinks to samosin.gr

more than 250 websites have link to samosin.gr even wikipedia.com

The wealth of photos, the completeness, reliability and variety of information about Samos island, at the website samosin.gr, leads many website sites, to link in it for further information.

More than 250 websites all over the world, with any kinds of topics, even wikipedia.com, are linked and lead to website Samosin.gr.