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Flora of Samos Brushwood rosemary

Brushwood, rosemary in Kerkis mountain

Samos is on the borders of European and Asian flora. Due to the climate, the ground’s morphology and the position of the island, it has a marvelous diversity of plants. It is impressive that on Samos can find a wealth of ingenious germination that does not exist in any other place in Aegean.
Brushwood (frigana) : are plants resistant to drought, grow in dry areas mainly limestone and filled the air with the scent of essential oils they contain. The winter has large leaves, while in summer smaller for water economy.
Ecosystems with this type of plants are met on the south, in dry and rocky areas of the island. These plants are thyme, the Asfaka the astoivi, savory, sage, the siderite (mountain tea), oregano and a great amount of others. The majority of them belong to the category of “odoriferous plants” due to their scent. They co-exist with “γεώφυτα”  (geofyta = earth plants) that appear in autumn (windflowers, cyclamens and more).

Flora of Samos Evergreen, sclerophyllous, or maquis

Sclerophyllous in Kerkis mountain

Evergreen, sclerophyllous, or maquis : They have deep roots, are barbed, with small leaves in order to withstand summer conditions. The most important representatives of this kind is hollies, carobs trees, arbutuses, wild olive trees, heathers, aspalathos, broom and more. These ecosystems can be found in the south part and on Kerkis mountain.

Mediterranean conifer forests in Samos island

black pine trees forest at northwestern slopes Kerkis mountain

Mediterranean conifer forests : We can find this type of forest in many areas of the island.  Trachea pine trees dominate on flatlands and shape well-developed forests, mostly on the north part. On the contrary, in the south part, the forests are fewer with far less vegetation.In addition they have had damages due to the fires over the last years.

In north east and north regions of Kerkis there are cypress’s forests. In heights over 700m, principally on Ampelos mountain, there are extensive forests of black pine trees.

It is widely accepted that Samos is the most southern place that someone could see this tree.

Wetland ecosystems in Potami waterfalls of Karlovassi

Wetland ecosystems in Potami waterfalls of Karlovassi

Wetland ecosystems : High territorial and atmospheric humidity is the characteristic of these ecosystems. In these areas the herbage is very rich with laurels, sycamores, weeping willows, aspens, oleanders and climbing plants that create an impervious complex of plants.

As such habitats are riparian areas of Imvrassos river, the waterfalls in Potami of Karlovassi, Platanakia and Pnaka below Vourliotes, Koutsi, near Pyrgos and many others.

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