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Samos bus

  • By bus

Samos’s bus system has an extensive network of routes covering most places in Samos and is the most economical way to get around, as well as being one of the most scenic.

Samos Public Busses (KTEL of Samos) currently has a fleet of more than 20 buses to serve the island. They cover all categories from old well-maintained buses up to modern tourist buses that meet all the requirements of the passenger. click for more >>>


Samos taxi

  • By TAXI

Taxis are comfortable and especially handy if you want to go to places not accessible by the bus.
Cabs here are metered, but there may be surcharges depending on when and  where you board. To get a rough idea of the final fare, check with the driver on the surcharges and ask for a receipt at the end of the trip.
 You can hail a taxi by the roadside at most places, or by queuing for one at taxi stands found at towns or most tourist areas or call to book a cab. click for more >>>


Comments (26)

  1. Karl-Heinz Schreiner

    Is there a possibility with Bus or ship to go from the airport or from Pythagorio to limnionas village or next to limnionas village

    1. Unfortunately there is no possibility to go directly from the Samos Airport “Aristarchos of Samos” to Limnionas beach by bus. The choices that you have is by TAXI (costs about 60 €), or with your own car. There are no ships for domestic routes, only day excursions.


    Hello. I have a question. What is cost of taxi from Samos Airport to the Velanida Village near Maratokampos?

  3. Kalimera! Is it possible to go by bus from the airport or from Pythagorion to Balos? How much would it cost to go by taxi?

  4. Hi, is there a bus from Samos airport to Paleo Karlovasi? If so, how much is it? If not, how much would a taxi be?

    1. No there is not bus direct from airport to Paleo Karlovasi, first you go from Airport to Samos city and then to Neo Karlovasi and from there by TAXI to Paleo Karlovasi
      More information about bus Schedules https://www.samosin.gr/getting-around-samos/bus-schedules-of-samos/
      More about ticket cost call +30 22730 27262 or +30 22730 27270.
      The TAXI from Airport to Paleo Karlovasi cost about 55 euro
      The TAXI from Neo (center square) to Paleo Karlovasi cost about 6 euro

  5. How can I go from Pythagorion to Karlovassi by bus? I checked the timetable for the buses, but could not find the right bus.
    Thank you.

    1. there is no route direct from Pythagoreion to Karlovasi, you must first go from Pythagoreion to Samos and then from Samos to Karlovasi. Samos city is departure & destination point of the island’s buses.

  6. I am arriving via Kusadasi ferry to Samos (vithy) and would like to see Pythagoreas. How long does it take and how often does the bus run? Do buses take credit cards or how do I pay for my tickets?

    1. The distance from Samos city to Pythagorio is 14 km and the time is about 20 minutes. there is bus from Samos city to Pytagoreion at 6:15, 8:00, 9:45, 11:00, 12:45, 14:10, 16:00, 17:00, and Saturday 11:00, 14:00, 16:00 according winter busses timetable from 01/10/2018 till 30/04/2019 (at the summer it changes with more routes). keep in touch with samosin.gr for the new summer busses timetable. If you can buy tickets with credit cards, I’m not sure, but you can ask at Tel. +30 22730 27262, +30 22730 27270.

    1. The Bus Schedules that we have in our website are the ones that have been published till to date, by Samos Public Busses. For more information contact with Samos Public Busses Tel. +30 22730 27262, +30 22730 27270, Facebook : Samos Public Busses

  7. Gamze Kuş

    ı will be arriving to Pythagoreion at 10:30 am on Sunday,2nd June.Is there a bus connection from Pythagoreion to Karlovassi or to Samos City Center and how often bus runs?

    1. No there is not direct connection from Pythagoreion to Karlovassi. First you must go from Pythagoreion to Samos and then from Samos to Karlovasi.

  8. Hello! I will be arriving at Karlovasi on 16th August by ferry. Since I am not sure I will be able to get a car for hire in Karlovassi, can you suggest me a valid option? I thought I could try and find a rental in Kokkari maybe? Or better Vathy? In both cases, is there a direct bus connection that can help me to reach the car hire point? Thank you!

    1. There are several renting cars companies, both in Kokkari and in the city of Samos, from which you can ask to bring your car to the port of Karlovasi, that is the easiest way. The best is to rent a car from the area you will stay. For car rentals at Kokkari click here, for car rentals at Samos city click here
      Until last year, there was a bus that took passengers of the boat from Karlovasi Harbor to the city of Samos. For the year 2019, nothing has yet been announced. Followed Samos Public Busses at FB or Samosin web site for relevant announcements.

  9. Mette Strandberg

    Can I go by bus from the Airport to Ormos Marathokampos saturday August 10. ?

    1. There is not bus derect from Airport to Ormos Marathokampos.
      You must go from Airport to Samos 08:25, 10:05, 11:20, 13:10, 15:05, 16:20, 18:35
      Then with another bus From Samos to Karlovasi 08:30, 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:30
      and at the end from Karlovasi to Ormos Marathokampos 10:30, 16:30

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