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the rather small beach of Ireon, pebbly and partly sandy, it is an easy and good solution for those staying at hotels of settlement. Τhe beach is not deep and has calm waters as protected by the bay of Pythagorion.

it is a very picturesque, with medium pebbles and sandy sections. Access is only from the sea and you can get to there by boat from Pythagorion where day trips are organized (picnic). Well worth a visit which combining a trip with traditional Samian…

Katsuni beach (Greek Πλάκα = flagstone) It is a very small but picturesque and quiet beach with relatively calm waters since the small bay that enclosing the beach, protects it from the waves. If you stay up late at the beach, worth to wait for the…

it is the alternative destination for those who love the sea and like to play with it. So it is very likely to come across kite surfers or windsurfers to roam the sea. When you stay up late in the afternoon, enjoy the sunset.

it’s a perfect beach for isolation in the western region of Samos. Clear water directly from the open sea, but quite cold and mostly with large waves. When you stay until the afternoon, it is worth to see the sunset with views the islands…

it is with medium, large pebbles and sand sections. Remote beach with difficult access, since they have to travel several kilometers in difficult dirt road. It’s Ideal for those who likes to exploring, to isolation and to be in wildlife.

located next to the similar beach of Agios Ioannis Eleimonas. The beach is addressed to those who wish to be away from the crowds and close to nature. The “live” waters and rich seabed, will compensate you, just respect the natural…

it is a lovely beach with turquoise, crystal clear sea in a beautiful small bay, with pine trees emerge from the rocks and to reach the sea. It’s just a relaxing image.

located next to the settlement of Agios Nikolaos (or “Limanaki” as it is known locally). Is a nice beach which mainly visited by locals from the village Kontakeika and some customers of nearby hotels.

mainly it serves the customers of two hotels behind the beach, but and locals too. Often has large waves, which they come on the beach mildly due to the breakwater and of shallow waters.