• Exhibits

The exhibits are mostly finds from Pythagoreion area, classified chronologically and thematically. It presents aspects of the historical and cultural development of ancient Samos from the Neolithic era (4th millennium BC) to late antiquity (7th century AD.).

Contains collections from the Neolithic settlement of Kastro and the Geometric necropolis of Samos, Archaic stelae, Portraits of Roman emperors, Reliefs of funeral banquets, Pottery spanning the period between the 9th and the 2nd centuries B.C. .

Among the most important exhibits of the museum are:
Marble statue of seated Aiakes. According to the inscription, it was dedicated to Hera by Aiakes, father of Polycrates, as a tithe of the wealth he acquired by piracy. It was found at Pythagoreion and dates from ca. 540 B.C..
Marble monumental sarcophagus in the shape of a temple, dated to the second half of the 6th century B.C..
Small poros grave stele. It is crowned with a palmette and bears the iscription “Diagoras of Delos”. Dated to 530 B.C..
Marble grave stele crowned with a palmette. It was found at Chora and dates from 500/490 B.C..
Statue of the emperor Trajan. Marble, larger-than-life statue of the Roman emperor (height 2.71m.).
Marble portrait of Augustus (height 0.49m.).
Marble portrait of Claudius (height 0.53m.).

  • Museum History

The museum is housed in a beautiful modern building, whose design phase began in 1998 and the museum wasinaugurated in 2010. A special feature of the museum is the archaeological park (whose excavations were completed in 2014) and which surrounds the building.

Since about 1900 till 2010 the collection has been housed in the ground floor of Pythagoreion Town Hall. The old building was restored after World War II and in 1993 some interventions were carried out on the east facade.

  • Admission

  • Tickets
    Full: 6 €
    Reduced: 3 €
  • Special ticket package
    Full: €13,
    Reduced: €7
    3 days ticket for, Tunnel of Eupalinos, Archaeological Site of Heraion, Archaeological Museum of Samos and Archaeological Museum of Pythagoreion
  • Reduced admission
    Escorting parents on educational visits of primary schools,
    Greek citizens and citizens of E.U. who are over 65 years old,
    Students of University – Higher Education Institutes
  • Free admission
    Young people, up to the age of 18
    Students of University – Higher Education Institutes, of EU member states,
    Parents of multi-child or with three children families and their children up to the age 23 or 24,
    Persons with disabilities (67 % or over) and one escort,
    Single parent families with minors
    Escorting teachers during educational visits of schools,
    The employees of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture
    The police officers of the Department of Antiquity Smuggling
    Members of Societies and Associations of Friends of Museums and Archaeological Sites,
    Members of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and equivalent Chambers of member-states of the EU,
    Members of the ICOM-ICOMOS,
    Journalists ,
    Official guests of the Greek State,
    Holders of a valid unemployment card,
    Holders of a solidarity card
    Holders of a free pass,
  • Free admission days for all
    6 March (in memory of Melina Mercouri)
    18 April (International Monuments Day)
    18 May (International Museums Day)
    The last weekend of September annually (European Heritage Days)
    28 October (National day)
    Every first Sunday from November 1st to March 31st


Opening Hours


08:30 - 16:00




08:30 - 16:00


08:30 - 16:00


08:30 - 16:00


08:30 - 16:00


08:30 - 16:00

Closed, 1 January, 25 March, Good Friday: 12:00-17:00, 1 May, Easter Sunday, 25 December, 26 December,


Our Address:

Pythagoreio Τ.Κ. 83103 Samos


37.691164368431, 26.940265655518


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