• Exhibits

In the richly decorated interior of the museum, a large number of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine sacred images is presented. Most are of high aesthetic and artistic value, wood carved iconostasis, exapteryga, sacred ware, crosses  for sanctification and blessing, manuscripts from the 10th century, early printed books, rare old editions, functional scrolls etc.

These exhibits, which come from the monasteries and churches of Samos, submit and transport the visitors to another time and give them the image of timeless church life and the local ecclesiastical art, uniting together the past with the present.

The most important items of the exhibition are :
he Holy Mantle of Constantinople Patriarch Gregory V,
The holy icon Crucifixion of Christ” by the artist Theodoros Poulakou from the second half of the 16th century,
Holy Grails uniquely crafted, of inestimable value
Writings of the 11th century AD and many more.

  • Museum History

In 2006, the Ecclesiastical Byzantine Museum was added to the spiritual, missionary, charitable and social contribution of the local Church.

The Ecclesiastical Museum of Holy Metropolis of Samos, was established on the initiative and assistance of Samos Bishop Efsevios.

The museum is housed in a new modern building, equipped with all necessary means for the proper presentation of its objects to the visitors.

Before the relocation of the museum to its current location (in 2006), it was housed in the main building of the Holy Metropolis of Samos (next to the current) an imposing, neoclassical building, renovated in 2003.

  • Admission

    • Tickets
      Full: €1,5 (indicatively)
      revenue earmarked for charity

  • Metropolitan Library

On March 27, 2016 was inaugurated the Metropolitan Library of Samos Metropolis, at the first floor of Ecclesiastical Byzantine Museum of Samos.



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10:00 - 13:00


10:00 - 13:00


10:00 - 13:00


10:00 - 13:00


10:00 - 13:00





Some Sundays are open, call for information.

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