• Fast facts

Village altitude  350 m
Village land area  
0,03 km2
Region averege altitude
360 m, mountain
Region land area 6,2 km2
2011: 1482001: 211, 1933: 800,  1864: 787 inhabitants.
Area per person  193 m² per person.

Economy relies mainly on agriculture (mainly viticulture, olives and vegetables).

  • Description

Kastania or Kastanea village (Greek: Καστανιά) is located to the northwest of the island, lying at the northeast foothills of Kerkis mountain, on the hillside “Ferias”, in dense vegetation. The distances are:  from Samos town 41 km, from Karlovasi town 10 Km, from Pythagorio town 34 Km and from Marathokampos village 6 Km..

Administratively consists, the local communities of Kastania , which belongs to Karlovasi municipal unit, of West Samos Municipality with Karlovasi capital

The village has a unique beauty, where the square with the big plane tree, the architecture, the lush vegetation and the northeast excellent view that has to offer. Characteristic of the village is the rich and the crystal clear water in the area, so don’t forget to refill your bottles from the  public fountain (public washhouse) in the village square.

  • History & name

The name derives from the plentyfull chestnut trees (in Greek Kastania) that used to exist there.

Originally the village was built higher up to the area “Kalivia”, 3 km northwest of the village under “Kastri”, one of the tops of “Kerkis” mountain. Among the ruins of the old settlement “Kalivia” preserved the chapel “Eisodia tis Theotokou” (= Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary) and “Metamorfosi tou Sotiros” (=Transformation of God) which was the cemetery of the settlement.

The first reference for the settlement “Kalyvia” is at a 1582 Ottoman document for land sell. A further report has been recorded at 1804, with accounting items, to raise money for the pilgrimage of St Apostle Thomas. Therefore, settlement “Kalyvia”is one of the first villages on the island, after the launch of Samos repopulation (after 1550).

Reference for the village Kastania was first detected at 1613 in Ottoman document  Ottoman document for land sell. Therefore, the village of “Kastania” and the settlement “Kalyvia”, existed for small periods of time in parallel, until the settlement was abandoned and absorbed by the village.

The first data for the population of the village is located in description of Samos  by Archbishop I.Georgeirinis 1666, stating that Kastania village has 50 houses and one church. From the total records of homes at his description, conclude that “Spatharei” and Kastania were the smaller villages of the island.  The first official census by the Governor, was 1828 stating that the village had 557 inhabitants (274 men and 283 women). In the next census, at 1864, the village had 787 inhabitants.

“Kastania” at the second world war (Italian occupation), had the highest death toll of all Samos villages, 17 young men were executed at the area “Flevitsa” by Italian fascist soldiers on 30 August 1943, additional to 10 persons at 29/08 at the surrounding areas. a monument  was erectedin 1981 (next to the village) and on that date that date celebration takes place to honor the memory of the fallen.

  • Tips

  • Visit the Church “Kimisi tis Theotokou (=the Assumption), build at 1924.
  • Visit the the feast of “Kimisi tis Theotokou” at August 24, one of the largest in Samos.


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Kastania, Samos T.K. 83200


37.753172059585, 26.684119239431

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beautiful view

Lush vegetation

Caffe (traditional)

grocery store

road: asphalt, winding uphill

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