Beach Description

Megalo Seitani beach (Greek Μεγάλο Σεϊτάνι = Big Seitani). A beautiful beach with white sand and turquoise waters. The landscape has a unique wild beauty and it’s tourist virgin. The peculiar beach is surrounded by green slopes of “Kakoperato” canyon, where nature lovers can explore. Walking along the beach, at the end, you find the church of St. Nicholas which is hanging on the edge of a rock.  It is integrated into the protection network Natura 2000 because hosts seal Monachus – Monachus. The beach is ideal for those who love camping, and respecting the virgin landscape. A night in the peacefulness of nature can not be compared with any luxury hotel.
The name becam from the Turkish word “şeytan” that means diavolo, and this because the canyon “Kakoperato” that exists behind the beach, causes strange sounds when it is windy, so the Turks (who used to anchor there during the 19th century) thought that there was the devil, and gave this name to the region.
Good shoes, water and snacks recommended and do not forget to remove your trash.

  • Beach details

  • Length: 470 m
  • Average width: 17 m
  • Sand & Pebble
  • Usually with wave
  • Mostly few people
  • Dress/undress as you wish
  • Some nature shadow
  • Wild camping possible
  • Beach within Nature
  • Located in Nature Directives (NATURA GR4120003, GR4120008, Habitat CORINE A00020038)
  • The water

  • Going in steep
  • Sea with wave
  • Clear water
  • Cold water
  • Beautiful schools of fish
  • Facilities

  • No facilities – this beach is 100% nature!
  • Activities

  • Great for relaxing
  • Fishing
  • Snorklingwater
  • Scuba diving (with your own equipment)
  • Getting there

  • Accessible by foot (55 min walk)
  • Getting there : From the end of the paved road at Potami beach (at Karlovasi) you continue west, to the dirt road (medium quality) for 1,3 Km (at the crossroad right). Then (at the end of the dirt road) you continue by foot for 3 Km more. At the first kilometer you will find the beach Mikro Seitani, you continue for 2 km more to find megalo seitani beach.
  • Restrictions

  • No fires on beach
  • Remove your trash when you leave

  • Video

Seitania Beachesof Samos Island (by Nick Tsoulontino).



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Accessible by foot, 55 min walk

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3titans 13/02/2017 19:19

Very nice and calm beach, secluded and far away from village, asphalt road, any kind of shops etc.. One of the best beaches on the island, excellent place for hiking lovers and definitely worth of visit. It is not easy to reach, so if you are not physically active, walking there maybe wouldn’t be the best idea.