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The monastery of Timios Stavros (Greek Τίμιος Σταυρός = Holy Crosswas founded in 1592  by the monk Nilus, one of Megali Panagia monastery founders.

The monk Nile, after six years staying in Megali Panagia monastery, in 1592 came in this region and built a new chapel in honor of the Holy Cross, in the same place where they found homonym icon.

In 1604 was held extension of the monastery, while on May 7 1838 came the foundation stone (till today), of the large three domes royal church, which replaced the chapel of the monk Nile, which had begun to crumble.  For the construction of the church, the abbot of the monastery Gregory, asked for financial support of the inhabitants, which was important as we see from the result, in and out of the church.

Remarkable is the gilded wood carved of Sacred Pulpit of 1843, the Despotic Throne of 1844, and the stunning art, wood carved iconostasis of 1854, that depicting scenes from the Old and New Testament. The great fresco of Saints Constantine and Helen who is above the gate and the other remaining frescos construct in 1848, which then covered the whole church. In the center of the church marble floor is carved plaque with the double-headed eagle and exactly over, hangs the large bronze chandelier of 1848, donation of Patriarch Cyril II.

On the south entrance of the church is the bell tower which on one side based on the cherch wall and from the other side above in two marble columns of at least five meters high.

Next to the south entrance of the church is the notorious source of the monastery, decorated with marble slab (two pieces) in which is carved the double-headed eagle, birds and three faces from whose mouth running the water.

At the Monastery from 70s has established the representation of “niptira” (=washbasin), where every major wednesday (3 days before the Orthodox Easter) the Metropolitan of Samos, washes the feet of 12 priests, as Christ washed the feet of the 12 apostles as an indication of its simplicity.

  • Features

  • Foundation year : 1592
  • Founder : Monk Nile
  • Inhabited : By 4 monk
  • Responsible : Abbot Archimandrite Makarios Delioglanis
  • Celebration : 14 September
  • Altitude : Elevation ≈ 180 m
  • Condition : Very good
  • Admission

  • Access is free to the public.  Entrance to the monastery is allowed only when properly dressed, with decorous clothing.

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9:00–12:00 & 18:00–20:00


9:00–12:00 & 18:00–20:00


9:00–12:00 & 18:00–20:00


9:00–12:00 & 18:00–20:00


9:00–12:00 & 18:00–20:00


9:00–12:00 & 18:00–20:00

Entrance to the monastery with decorous clothing


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